ProTotal - making IT complete

Business Innovation & Technology Enhancement

ProSatis is specialized in Supply Chain Management and offers full and detailed support to all aspects of Information Management.

Compared with others ProSatis manage the most wide spanned topics.
Primarely ProSatis has close business relations with our partners, IBM, Microsoft, Corel, and many others. As a result of being involved we always gain updated information/knowledge about products and will be up front in the matter of accomplish solutions based on market trends.

ProSatis works in coorporation with market leading hardware manufacturers in order to achieve the best products integrating high performance components - to the lowest possible price.

ProSatis is a software vendor specialized in re-sale and support of software and compatibles
- it is prototal.

ProSatis Corp. provides all thinkable kinds of education through ProAge.Net - known for full service with either open or on-site courses on almost every subject of office, development, management, software or hardware.
Through the years ProSatis has worked together with partners, which offers a wide span of expertice concerning Management, Innovation, and Consultancy. Assignments concerning business development, management control and personal leadership to support private and public organizations of all sizes are put in the interimX division.

That completes the picture - ProSatis is fully professional on every level in the organization.

ProSatis possess expert knowledge covering Information Management, Business Innovation, Systems Engineering

ProSatis is certified IBM Business Partner

ProSatis is Microsoft System Builder

ProSatis is a member of Team PL/I and OS/390, OS/2, DB2 Solution Partner in Development

ProSatis is Sygate Solution Provider